Our portfolio a wide range of graphic and industrial printing applications

Our markets

Our portfolio covers a wide range of graphic and industrial printing applications

Printing Systems

Our markets

Thieme has established itself as a leading supplier of complete solutions for the printing industry. Our flat bed screen printing systems and digital printing systems allow us to cover a wide range of graphical and industrial printing applications — from large-format graphics applications and glass printing all the way up to applications in printed electronics.

Our markets
  • Market Printed electronics

    The application opportunities of functional printing processes know no bounds and something new is being added every day: for example, the production of antennas, membrane keypads or strip conductors.
    We support our customers in the development of new processes by providing process entry solutions ("Lab-to-Fab"), which we test in our own Technology Center. We also perform feasibility studies.

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  • Market renewable energies

    Are you seeking solutions for the production of fuel cells, thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.), batteries or the like? Thieme designs its customized print line in close collaboration with its customers.

    Machines are built for roll-to-roll, thin layer on glass, and even for high-precision screen printing applications.

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  • Market print on glass

    Thieme offers modular machine and system concepts for the multi-colour screen printing and digital printing of glass.
    From the stand-alone solution right up to complete printing lines, we manufacture all of the necessary system components in customer-specific constellation.

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  • Printed and formed IML-FIM part

    (In-Mold Labeling / Film Insert Molding)

    Thieme's industrial digital printing system offers new possibilities for coloured and decorated injection-moulded parts. It meets the same requirements in terms of durability, adhesion or formability as apply in screen printing. The digital printing system's particular benefits comprise improved reproduction of colour gradients and the display of fine writing. Its high flexibility enables a more cost-effective small batch production.

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  • Automotive market

    The screen printing and digital printing technologies play a major role in the automotive sector and are essential for the production process. You will hardly find a car today where no printing technology was used.

    Screen and digital printing offer unique options – whether as a colourful print or a functional coating.

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  • Thieme offers diverse screen printing and digital printing solutions for small and large format printing applications in the graphics sector such as POS/POP prints, posters, displays and cardboard packages.
    Everything from semi-automated machines to multi-colour lines for technical, industrial and graphical screen printing and digital printing are covered.

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  • © phpetrunina14

    For printing on skis, snowboards, kiteboards, water skis, skateboards, touring skis, a very narrow but long format is required.

    We have configured an efficient special machine especially for this market.

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  • Coin colourisation is a growth market - all the more important is an efficient, economical printing process.

    With our system, which is unique on the market, up to 1600 coins per hour can be printed in multiple colours for the first time in a largely automated, highly productive printing process.

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  • Market Adhesives/Seals

    Screen printing is an outstanding technique for partial coating with adhesives.
    Its short processing times and reliable quality, however, also make screen printing ideal for the printing of flat seals, e.g. in the fuel cell sector.

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  • Markets Membrane switches

    The decorative printing of front foils and keyboard membranes for the production of flat input systems always require a customised design. The Thieme screen printing and digital printing solutions leave nothing to be desired.

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  • Market signs

    Signs cannot be ignored and always convey a message. Their shape, colour and function must match the individual wishes of the customer.

    The Thieme screen printing and digital printing machines for signs, such as those printed on metal, plastic or self-adhesive foil, are an ideal solution for everything from industrial labelling to decorative automobile adornments.

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  • If you had only known that

    If you had only know that ...

    Customers are constantly bringing their special ideas to Thieme. Many special customized machines have already been developed due to the challenges posed by unusual printed fabrics or special materials.

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  • No other printing process offers as many options as screen printing.

    Whether haptic, optical or olfactory effects, perfect coverage, high wash resistance, transfer and much more: textile printing screen printing can do it!

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  • Innovations and new developments are constantly being worked on in the laboratories. This is how we can guarantee that "Future Screen Printing" is also implemented. Environmental requirements and legal regulations constantly challenge manufacturers to make their products even better and more efficient.

    Of course, we also develop according to customer-specific requirements in order to meet their sometimes even higher standards.

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