THIEME 3000 Vision AL

Latest screen printing machine generation
specifically designed for film, sheet metal, and electronics applications

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THIEME 3000 Vision AL (AutoLoader)

Latest screen printing machine generation
specifically designed for film, sheet metal, and electronics applications

THIEME 3000 Vision AL


  • Thieme Quality „Made in Germany“
  • Individually configured and manufactured according to customer requirements
  • Over 60 years of experience in screen printing and automation
  • Over 10,000 installed machines
  • Long life expectancy of a Thieme machine (over 20 years)
  • Global service
  • Process support during production start-up optionally available
  • Network with leading ink, screen, and substrate manufacturers
  • Testing and development possibilities at the Thieme Technology Center


  • Highest precision through camera-assisted substrate alignment
  • Material-friendly transport due to pick & place handling
  • System enables processing of films below 100μm
  • Also suitable for rigid materials
  • Proven Thieme Vision System for screen and substrate alignment
  • Optional Advanced Print Control (APC) for setup time optimization
  • Customizable with extensive machine options
  • Intuitive machine operation

THIEME Vision-System

The THIEME 3000 Vision AL comes standard with the THIEME Vision-System.
The THIEME Vision-System essentially consists of two independent camera systems and the associated control software. One of the camera systems is used for automatic screen positioning and one for automatic substrate alignment.

THIEME Vision - Screen positioning

The days of manual adjustment of screen position belong to the past. Set up your Thieme screen printing machine in less time and gain valuable production time. The Thieme Vision screen positioning system works with an very high accuracy, minimizing set up prints.

  • Automatic Setup
  • Reduce set-up times
  • High-precision screen alignment
  • Minimum make ready prints

THIEME Vision - Substratate positioning

Reduction of set up prints and an improvement in accuracy?

Increase your productivity and quality. The Thieme Vision system allows a new level of quality.

  • High-precision printing-material alignment
  • Reduction of make ready prints
  • Eliminates placement errors
  • High reproducibility
                                                                                   Screen positioning
Number of cameras 2 / expandable
Mechanical repeatability [μm] + / - 40
Alignment mark [mm] round, white, ø3
Screen adjustment motorized
                                                                                   Substrate positioning
Number of cameras 2 / expandable
Mechanical repeatability [μm] + / - 30
Alignment mark [mm] flexible
Table alignment servomotor, air, bearing

Technical Data

Type of machine 3010 3020 3030
Print size [mm] 550 x 750 750 x 1050 1000 x 1400
Sheet size max. [mm] 580 x 780 780 x 1080 1030 x 1420
Sheet size min. [mm] 30x20 quer
Frame size[mm] 1180 x 1380 1380 x 1680 1630 x 2020
Screen rest at max. format [mm] 300
Printing table 800 x 1050 1000 x 1350 1250 x 1700
Vacuum field size [mm] 565 x 756 765 x 1065 1015 x 1405
Substrate thickness max. [mm]  upo 16
Substrate thickness*1 min. [mm] 50 μm 
Screen adjustment [m/sec] + / - 6
Alignment accuracy [mm] + / - 50 μm bei cmk 1,67; absolut + / - 30 μm
Squeegee speed [m/sec] 0,1 - 1,4
Weight [kg] 2300 2600 2900
Print speed*2 [cycl/h] 420 400 390
Power supply [V] 400
Power supply [kW] 4,2
Power supply [A] 6
Material feeding Right / Left / Center
Position Camera marks
Table orientation
Complete sheet area freely selectable
Position Camera marks
Screen direction
Position selectable by arrangement
Print direction 90° to the transport direction
Max. Stacking height [mm] 500
Max. Stacking weight [kg] 1000
All technical information is not binding and subject to change.
*1 Depending of material
*2 at squeegee speed 1m/sec

Customized innovative machine options


  • Detection & correction of register deviations during setup
  • Cyclic checking / readjustment


  • Anti-drip for printing and/or flood squeegees

Barcode Handscanner

  • For documentation of material batches (film, paint)
  • To call the print program

Integrated Barcodesystem

  • Barcode imprint on first print
  • Documentation (traceability)

Screen stretch compensation

  • Effects of screen stretch compensation can be minimized

Humidity control

  • Automatically humidify the printing environment
  • Reduces drying of the screen

Screen clean

  • Automatic screen humidification (screen clean)
  • Removes dried paint without manual cleaning

Process air dosing

  • Filtered

Intermediate paper

Screen pull-out system

  • Screen cleaning outside the printing station

Integrated substrate

  • Automatic foil cleaning before printing

Paste dosing

  • Pastes are supplied cyclically


  • Market Printed electronics

    The application opportunities of functional printing processes know no bounds and something new is being added every day: for example, the production of antennas, membrane keypads or strip conductors.
    We support our customers in the development of new processes by providing process entry solutions ("Lab-to-Fab"), which we test in our own Technology Center. We also perform feasibility studies.

    More ...
  • Market renewable energies

    Are you seeking solutions for the production of fuel cells, thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.), batteries or the like? Thieme designs its customized print line in close collaboration with its customers.

    Machines are built for roll-to-roll, thin layer on glass, and even for high-precision screen printing applications.

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  • Markets Membrane switches

    The decorative printing of front foils and keyboard membranes for the production of flat input systems always require a customised design. The Thieme screen printing and digital printing solutions leave nothing to be desired.

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  • Printed and formed IML-FIM part

    (In-Mold Labeling / Film Insert Molding)

    Thieme's industrial digital printing system offers new possibilities for coloured and decorated injection-moulded parts. It meets the same requirements in terms of durability, adhesion or formability as apply in screen printing. The digital printing system's particular benefits comprise improved reproduction of colour gradients and the display of fine writing. Its high flexibility enables a more cost-effective small batch production.

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