Membrane switches

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Membrane switches

The decorative printing of front foils and keyboard membranes for the production of flat input systems always require a customised design. The Thieme screen printing and digital printing solutions leave nothing to be desired.

Markets Membrane switches

New option for producing the front foil

A membrane keyboard is a flexible keyboard with decorative printing in screen printing and digital printing and is suited for additional customized processing. Thieme printing solutions offer high-quality materials, the shortest set-up times and the highest precision for customised requirements. The adapted machine equipment offers low-dust printing due to cleaning systems, trouble-free continuous printing and an additional large selection of accessories and variants. Thieme uses a coordinated process to offer the option of smoothly combining screen printing and digital printing.

Special features

  • Screen printing and digital printing from a single source with the proven Thieme machine concept
  • Precision fit
  • Programmable logic control - flexible and easy to operate
  • Coordinated process for screen printing and digital printing
  • System tested with more than one million strokes
  • Weathering tests, climate change tests, UV tests 
  • Process reliable ink systems

Examples of use

  • Front membranes
  • Membrane keypads
  • Customised input systems
  • Front panels

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