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Partner supplier of THIEME

Here's to good teamwork!

Partner supplier of THIEME

In both Thieme business areas our leading market positions are based on the fact that we can offer our customers technically superior and mature products and delivery these on time with excellent quality. Our suppliers also contribute greatly to this success.

In  order to meet new challenges and to further optimize our services, we will also be dependent on highly productive partners in the future. If you share our goals and want to be mutually successful, then please contact us!


Our current volume of purchase amounts to approximately 23 million Euro per year with a growing tendency. A longstanding co-operation with our partners is important to us. Therefore, evaluations of our suppliers take place every year focusing especially on price, quality, reliability and punctuality.
Certificates based on the norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or IATF 16949 have big influence on our choice as well.

  • Sight of appropriate suppliers
  • Evaluation according our selection method
  • Selection of subcontractors according to their performance and their ability to compete
  • Packing (cardboard, plastic, wood)
  • Turned parts (automatic bar machines, diameter from 5 mm, CNC, job lot and medium series; material: aluminium, steel
  • Milled parts (job lots from 5 pieces, CNC, processing centre) material: steel, aluminium
  • Welded constructions (transportation racks made of profiles or steel metal)
  • Steel metals (prototypes of edged and laser processed parts and medium series), material: aluminium, steel of 2-5 mm
  • Stamped parts/deep-drawn parts of steel metal; material: steel, aluminium
  • Welded constructions (machine racks) processed or unprocessed, material: steel
  • Turned parts (CNC, conventional, job lots from 5 pieces), material: steel, aluminium, plastic
  • Milled parts (job lots from 5 pieces, CNC, processing centre) material: steel, aluminium, plastic
  • Milled and drilled parts of tubular profiles (dimensions about 200 mm x 200 mm x to a length of 5000 mm), material: steel
  • Sheet metals (prototypes of stamped, edged an laser-processed parts and job lots); material: steel, high-grade steel, aluminium size: 2-5 mm



Armin Fischer

Purchasing Manager

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