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THIEME - a strong team and a reliable partner

As a self-reliant, independent family enterprise, Thieme has been successfully active in the international market for decades.
High flexibility allows Thieme to be responsive to the changing demands of the market.

Thieme is active in strategically defined market segments, is positioned as a technological market leader and is a reliable partner.
Important facets of the company philosophy are the process-oriented structuring of business areas and the teamwork of it’s employees.

Qualitative and quantitative growth are goals of Thieme. This means permanent increase in productivity, increase of quality levels, fulfillment of delivery times and successful implementation of our measures in environmental protection.

Strategic guides for the company

  • Thieme remains a family enterprise operating globally and is open to meeting the changing demands of the market
  • Market activities focus on core competencies and markets
  • Thieme is actively involved with its core competencies and is advancing these for the future

Strategy for the Thieme plastics

  • Establishment of the market and technology center on the market
  • Product development and design services are offered to the market
  • Expand services to include complete modular assembly and sub systems regradless of plastic technology employed
  • Optimize the process to spur growth of  productivity and quality

Strategy for the Thieme printing systems

  • The competency fields for the area of printing systems are digital printing and screen printing
  • The concentration on the digital printing area is being expanded
  • Increase of customer loyalty in the digital printing sector in the areas of development, production, sales and service
  • Future-oriented fields of application in screen printing are being developed more intensively
  • Development of the service activities, integration of new services