Custom RIM

for enclosures, housings, functional components or system solutions


Custom RIM

The custom RIM parts manufactured at Thieme include plastic enclosures, housings, functional parts and system solutions for medical industry, measurement, appliances, data processing, money handling applications as well as for commercial vehicle industries.

Thieme produces plastic molded parts of polyurethane with a projected surface area of up to 6m² and weigh between 200 g and 50 kg.

The surfaces of the plastic molded parts can be painted in the modern in-house water-based paint facility. Printing is also possible.

  • Molded parts between 200 g and 50 kg
  • Up to 6 m² projected surface
  • Freedom of design
  • Integration of functional and fastening elements
  • Surfaces according to your needs
  • From partial assembly to complete systems
  • UL certified materials
  • UL QMRX2 Certification


Application area

Plastic Enclosures

Large-area, thin-walled plastic enclosures with high sound absorption and good thermal insulation properties.
  • Ceiling panels for rail cars
  • Machine covers
  • Machining centers
  • Instrument panels for fork-lift trucks, etc.
  • Medical equipment
  • Computer tomographs
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Solariums


Customized housings from thick-walled sandwich parts to thin-walled compact parts.
  • Housings for medical applications
  • Housings for analyzis units
  • Housings for machine controls
  • Display housings
  • Visual display units
  • Beverage dispensers
  • ATMs
  • Housings for speakers

Functional components

Functional components which are required to fulfil stringent demands in terms of function and their physical and chemical properties.
  • Pump bodies
  • Metering units with a high abrasion resistance
  • Cable sleeves for underground applications
  • Anode housings for water treatment
  • Workpiece holders
  • Leisure facilities

System solutions

Thieme offers complete one-source solution. This service takes the programm from the orginal concept, through design and prototyping all the way to final series production and logistics.
  • Squeegee Cutter
  • Money Trolley
  • Housings for machines
  • Dispenser Unit



Nino Mastrolonardo

General Manager, Plastics Division N.A.

(630) 513-1666 ext. 240


Michael Young

Sales Manager, N. A. RIM Plastics Division

(248) 628-2930