THIEME Plastic moulded parts

Custom RIM

for enclosures, housings, functional components or system solutions

Automotive  - Interior view of a car


Safety components, interior trim, impact foam parts, internal plant logistics containers

Production of THIEME-PUR moulded parts


Custom RIM

The custom RIM parts manufactured at Thieme include plastic enclosures, housings, functional parts and system solutions for medical industry, measurement, appliances, data processing, money handling applications as well as for commercial vehicle industries.

Thieme produces plastic molded parts of polyurethane with a projected surface area of up to 6m² and weigh between 200 g. and 50 kg.

The surfaces of the plastic molded parts can be painted in the modern in-house water-based paint facility. Printing is also possible.

Safety parts, decorative parts, moulded parts and equipment manufactured for the automotive industry.



In the automotive division, Thieme produces occupant safety components, Class A surface interior trim, impact foam parts, Custom RIM parts as well as internal plant logistics containers for the automotive industry.

Thieme produces energy absorber for passive vehicle safety as well as for vehicle exteriors, including head impact protection in the head liner, in the seat backs and in the A/B/C pillars, knee impact and side impact protection. The material requirements are to gently absorb sudden impacts. These custom RIM Parts of maximum density and strength combine dimensional stability and light self-weight. Their precision and accuracy of reproduction are exceptional
Centre for Plastics Technology and Marketing - we search for the optimum solution for each customer project


Centre for Plastics Technology and Marketing

Plastic diversity from a single source.

Product development and consultation for all types of plastic processes and materials. 
An outstanding product is always the result of a perfect interplay of design, material selection and production. The design and function of a product are in the foreground, not the material - in extreme cases, in a customer project, each housing part can be made of a different material.


RIM Materials

Polyurethane, the material for all applications. Virtually no other material combines aesthetics, ergonomics and function in such an ideal form.

PUR material systems from the leading raw material manufacturers Covestro and BASF are used at Thieme.
The materials are purchased as preformulated systems and processed into high-quality shaped part.
PUR-RIM Materials
The surface finishing of polyurethane (PUR)


Surfaces and assembly

The surface finishing of polyurethane (PUR) moldings serves not only aesthetic purposes, but must also meet functional requirements such as mechanical and chemical resistance, printability or electrical conductivity.




Thieme has placed great emphasis on consistent quality policies and environmentally friendly production processes for years. This has resulted in the establishment of a certified environmental management and quality management system, which is regularly examined by external inspectors to ensure its efficiency.

Thieme is certified according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.
Consistent quality policy and environmentally friendly production processes


Custom RIM Molding


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