3/4-automatic, flatbed, shuttle table screen printing machine with automatic take-off system



3/4-automatic, flatbed, shuttle table screen printing machine with automatic take-off system

  • The flexibility to handle a wide range of substrates up to 50 mm (2") thickness
  • Self-adjusting squeegee unit
  • Quick fixation system of screen frame
  • Electronic control with user-friendly, intelligent software
  • Wide range of accessories and options
  • User-friendly design, excellent production quality, high speed performance and silent running
3/4-automatic, flatbed, shuttle table screen printing machine with automatic take-off system

Why THIEME 3000?

  • Print sizes up to 1550 x 2100 mm
  • High output and repeatability
  • Short set-up times
  • Thieme quality „Made in Germany“
  • Custom manufactured machines available to meet your requirements


  • User friendly operation
  • SPS control system with touch-screen display
  • Proven THIEME squeegee Unit
  • Complete equipment with multiple options
  • Easy to use, labor saving
  • Modem for remote diagnostics
  • Lay on pins separately selectable
  • Print stroke infinitely adjustable via touch-screen display


Technical data

Type of machine 3010 3020 3030 3040 3050 3060
Print size [mm] 550x750 750x1050 1000x1400 1200x1600 1400x1800 1550x2100
Frame size [mm] 1000x1100 1200x1400 1450x1750 1700x2000 1900x2200 2050x2500
Sheet size max. [mm] 580x780 780x1080 1030x1420 1230x1670 1430x1870 1580x2170
External dimension L x W [mm] 2225x1732 2625x2032 3125x2382 3575x2632 3975x2832 4275x3132
Weight [kg] 1250 1350 1600 1800 1900 2100
Screen fine tuning X-X-Y [mm] +/- 5
Squeegee speed [m/sec] 0,2-1,4
Max. range of substrate thickness [mm] 50
Circuit connection [kW] 2,8
Power supply [V] 400/230
Consumption 4/400, 7/230
Print speed on request.
All technical information are not binding and subject to change.

Example options

Fields of application

  • Printed electronics on ceramic hob

    The application opportunities of functional printing processes know no bounds and something new is being added every day: for example, the production of antennas, membrane keypads or strip conductors.
    We support our customers in the development of new processes by providing process entry solutions ("Lab-to-Fab"), which we test in our own Technology Center. We also perform feasibility studies.

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  • Solar systems with digital printings

    Are you seeking solutions for the production of fuel cells, thin-layer solar cells (CIGS, DSSC, etc.), batteries or the like? Thieme designs its customized print line in close collaboration with its customers.

    Machines are built for roll-to-roll, thin layer on glass, and even for high-precision screen printing applications.

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  • Decorative printing of front foils and keyboard membranes

    The decorative printing of front foils and keyboard membranes for the production of flat input systems always require a customised design. The Thieme screen printing and digital printing solutions leave nothing to be desired.

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  • Printed and formed IML-FIM part

    (In-Mold Labeling / Film Insert Molding)

    Thieme's industrial digital printing system offers new possibilities for coloured and decorated injection-moulded parts. It meets the same requirements in terms of durability, adhesion or formability as apply in screen printing. The digital printing system's particular benefits comprise improved reproduction of colour gradients and the display of fine writing. Its high flexibility enables a more cost-effective small batch production.

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  • Interior view car

    The screen printing and digital printing technologies play a major role in the automotive sector and are essential for the production process. You will hardly find a car today where no printing technology was used.

    Screen and digital printing offer unique options – whether as a colourful print or a functional coating.

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