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Thieme is a a self-reliant, independent family enterprise.

Thieme has been internationally successful for decades in both of its business areas polyurethane and printing systems. With innovative products, we are technology leaders in our markets.


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Inkjet-Drucksystem zur Bedruckung von Edelmetallen

Quantum leap for coin printing

THIEME introduces a highly productive inkjet printing system for printing on coins and bars in multicolor.

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News - screen printing line for architectural glass

New screen printing line for architectural glass with highest possible flexibility and automation

Thieme has installed a new printing line at LUMON Oy in Kouvola, Finland which allows an automatic adaptation of different glass sizes to be printed without screen change or manual cleaning.

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Digital printing – automatically true to register

Perfect printing requires a precisely positioned workpiece – or at least it did until now. With THIEME’s new Digital Image Alignment system, substrates can be loaded into printers in any position at all. Benefits: Faster processing, less waste and more efficiency in automated printing processes.

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salt spreader

Salt Spreader Container made from PUR

Together with the spreader technology manufacturer LEHNER Agrar GmbH, THIEME has developed a polyurethane (PUR) salt spreader container, which not only has an impressive size, but also represents a major step forward in production technology, allowing for significant cost savings in manufacturing and assembly!

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Loudspeaker housings made of Pur

Loud speaker polyurethane housings: PURistic design

The new "ZERO 1" High-End active box end produced by the renowned manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustic will win you over with not just sophisticated technology but also with a housing material (still) rarely seen in the audio industry: The shapely, acoustically optimized loud speaker housings are in fact not produced in the typical manner using wood, but are rather foamed by THIEME plastic specialists using polyurethane (PUR).

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fuel cells - Brennstoffzellen

Fuel Cells from a Printer

THIEME’s Fuel Cell Printing Platform can produce fuel cell stacks reliably and efficiently in a highly productive printing process

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Teningen, Industrial area Rohrlache

Production and Sales of printing systems


Teningen, Industrial area Breitigen

Production and Sales of Polyurethane and Custom RIM

Teningen - Technical Center

Application and process development

Strasbourg - THIEME S.A.S

Printing Systems and Polyurethane Division Sales Office for French speaking countries


Chicago - THIEME Corporation

Printing Systems Sales and Service.
Polyurethane Part Production and Sales.

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