PUR semi-hard integral foam

RIM Materials

PUR semi-hard integral foam

Why semi-hard integral foam (IS)?

  • For low-weight comfort components
  • The compression hardness can be changed by means of variable densities
PUR semi-hard integral foam

Fields of application

  • Door panelling
  • Arm support in the centre console
  • Door arm support
  • Supports in the seat
  • Filling parts in the seat

Technical data

Properties Unit Standard IS
Density/core kg/m³ DIN EN ISO 845 138,0
Pulling strength kPa DIN EN ISO 1798 207,0
Ultimate elongation % DIN EN ISO 1798 53,1
Compression hardness at 40 % kPa DIN EN ISO 3386 45,1
BenCompression set (50 %, 70 °C, 22 h) % DIN EN ISO 1856

Values not absolute some may be altered.

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