RIM Materials


Polyurethane, the material for all applications


RIM Materials

Polyurethane, the material for all applications. Virtually no other material combines aesthetics, ergonomics and function in such an ideal form.

PUR material systems from the leading raw material manufacturers Covestro and BASF are used at Thieme.
The materials are purchased as preformulated systems and processed into high-quality shaped part.
Production of PUR material

The Material offers:

  • Economic efficiency
  • Design flexibility
  • High dimensional stability
  • High rigidity
  • Minimal weight
  • Impact resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • Good thermal properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Flame protection in accordance with
  • UL subject 94
  • Potential for recycling

Why PUR:

  • Use of cost-effective aluminum tools
  • High degree of construction and design flexibility
  • Minimization of assembly costs due to functional integration
  • Reduction of logistics costs
  • Reproducibility
  • High reproduction accuracy
  • Creation of filigree areas
  • Complex three-dimensional geometries
  • Fulfillment of chemical and physical requirements
  • Integration of assembly parts
  • Comprehensive painting options
  • EMI shielding is possible

USED RIM Materials:

  • Sandwich-style design with high inherent rigidity
  • Extraordinary design flexibility
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation properties
PUR integral hard foam using the example of a dentist's chair
  • Compact structure and high impact strength
  • Alternative to injection moulding 
  • Components up to 6 m² projected area
PUR compact foam
  • The material for mechanically and chemically stressed functional parts
  • Alternative to grey cast iron or steel
PUR-Casting system
  • High impact strength also at low temperatures
  • Extraordinarily durable 
  • Aesthetics possible by means of structured tool surfaces
PUR Flex foam
  • Kinetic energy is converted into deformation energy
  • Can be optimally used for the most diverse requirements
  • Passive passenger protection for all vehicle areas
Kinetic energy is converted into deformation energy
  • For low-weight comfort components 
  • The compression hardness can be changed by means of variable densities
PUR semi-hard integral foam

Video Polyurethane reaction

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