Housings and covers made of Bayflex®

Highly complicated thermoplastic parts, even those which are to be molded three-dimensionally, can usually only be produced expensively.

This is where Bayflex® with RIM molding has its advantages. The high elasticity of the material Bayflex® in combination with its impact-resistance and high ductile yield makes things possible which could only otherwise be realized cost-extensively. The high stability accuracy of the material Bayflex® makes it possible to include surface structures directly in the mold. Hence, visual requirements can be realized cost-efficiently without painting.

Bayflex® is the PUR material to use if large surface areas with a good surface hardness and a very high level of impact resistance have to be achieved. Special applications in which the parts are exposed to extreme impact loads exemplify the advantage of Bayflex®. Functional requirements such as contours and geometric details like holes, beads, flanges, snap connectors etc. are all possible with Bayflex® as well as the integration of thread bushings, axle bearings and other types of metal and non metal inserts.

Bayflex® is well-suited for large surface areas and three-dimensional parts that have a thin-wall, compact structure.

With Bayflex®, parts can also be foamed which will be exposed to high impact and also fulfil ergonomic design requirements which to produce a visual stunning part.

Bayflex ® = a registered trademark of Covestro AG, Leverkusen, Germany


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