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Industrial Screen Printing

As the technological market leader in the industrial screen printing sector, we exceed customer´s expectations. Whether decorative or functional applications on glass, foils and sensors, industrial screen printing offers amazing diversity. We design customizable machines for small format semi-automatic through large format full automatic applications.

Industrial screen printing is an integral part of any in-plant manufacturing operation. When compared to graphic printing where ink color and esthetics are of ultimate importance, Industrial screen printing relies on the successful laydown of specific coatings. Applications such as adhesives and sealants, identification nomenclature, decorative glass for shower enclosures, mirrors and facade windows to flexible circuits and sensor systems all require screen printed components.

Thieme provides solutions as a competent "turnkey" partner.

The main application fields are the industrial printing and treatment of:
  • Glass (architectural glass, shower enclosures, mirror tiles, automotive front and rear windows, technical glass like display glass, television screens and Ceran® cook tops, etc.)
  • Foils (dashboard overlays, displays, printed electronics like airbag sensors, medical bio sensors, RFID, membrane switches)
  • Solar applications
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Special Applications (automotive cylinder head gaskets, sheet metal decoration and transportation, oversized, heavy substrates)


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