The latest generation of screen printing machines, the THIEME 3000 Vision AL, sets new standards in printing technology. This machine was specially developed for applications in the areas of film, sheet metal and electronics printing and is characterised by maximum precision and flexibility.

Highest quality Screen Printing!

THIEME 3000 Vision AL - AutoLoader

The THIEME 3000 Vision AL represents the ultimate in screen printing technology and sets new standards in precision and flexibility.

Precision at the highest level

The THIEME 3000 Vision AL impresses with its impressive accuracy. The integrated Thieme Vision System with two independent camera systems enables precise screen and substrate alignment.

Thanks to the live travel technology, an accuracy of ±50 µm at CMK 1.67 is achieved, which leads to first-class printing results.

Flexibility in format and material

This state-of-the-art machine can process print formats up to a maximum size of 1000 x 1400 mm. Even larger formats are possible with the use of robots. The THIEME 3000 Vision AL is suitable for a wide range of materials, from thin films from 50 µm up to rigid materials with a thickness of up to 16 mm.

Gentle material transport using pick & place handling ensures low-scratch handling, which is particularly advantageous for sensitive materials.

Automated precision and easy operation

The fully automatic machine has a precise and infinitely variable table drive with servomotors. The material is fed either by pallet or shaft loading, which enables a high degree of flexibility in the production process.

The integrated camera system ensures exact alignment of the screen and substrate, which significantly increases production quality.

Robust construction and safety

The THIEME 3000 Vision AL is completely enclosed and constructed with a scratch-resistant real glass housing with solvent-resistant panelling. This high-quality construction not only ensures a safe working environment, but also a long service life for the machine.

Safety functions such as the upper unit's safety pin in the plastering position emphasise the sophisticated safety concept.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The machine is prepared for the integration of optional cleaning units such as Wandres, Teknek and Kist & Escherich, which enables simple and efficient cleaning.

This contributes to the longevity of the machine and consistently high print quality.

User-friendliness and reproducibility

Thanks to the integrated recipe memory in the HMI, print profiles can be recalled quickly and easily once they have been created.

This ensures reproducible and reliable results, regardless of the material combinations used.

Wide range of applications

The THIEME 3000 Vision AL is ideal for various applications:

  • Field of foil/FIM and metal printing in the automotive sector
  • Printing on decorative panels
  • Foil keyboards
  • white/black goods
  • printed electronics
  • printed heaters

Customized innovative machine options

With almost unlimited expansion options, the THIEME 3000 Vision AL offers customised solutions for the most demanding printing applications.

For detailed information about the machine, please visit:

THIEME 3000 Vision AL

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