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Foil Laminator

Thieme foil laminator for the lamination of flexible circuits.

  • Flexible sensors
  • Electrical circuits
Thieme foil laminator for the lamination of flexible circuits

Why THIEME Foil Laminator?

  • Visual alignment support
  • Controlled lamination pressure
  • Configuration to customer demand like heated base plate and lamination roller
  • Also suitable for laminating sheets
  • Thieme quality „Made in Germany“


  • Visual alignment support with camera and monitor of the printed substrate
  • Vacuum table or adapter plate to hold the substrate in position during the lamination process
  • Gripper to hold the top foil during lamination
  • Optional: heated lamination roller and vacuum plate
  • Blow air support from below to alow an easy removal of the laminated part
  • The Thieme laminator will laminate special glue coated lamination foils to a printed film substrate by using a lamination roller with controlled force. The bottom film will be hold in position with vacuum. A pneumatic gripper will hold the top foil in position
  • Control up to 3 vacuum areas
  • Individual register pins for substrate alignment

Technical data

Type of machine Foil Laminator
Lamination size [mm] 540 x 600
Additional sizes on request
Vacuum field [mm] 530 x 590
Height adjustment vacuum table [mm] 850 to 1060
Dimension (W/L) [mm] 1250 x 1850
Foil thickness max. [mm] 0,6
Roller speed adjustable [mm/s] 50 - 1000
Roller pressure [bar] 1 to 6
Power supply [V] 400 / 230
Power consumption 6,2 kW - 10 A
All technical information are not binding and subject to change.
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