High technology for large format multicolour print

  • Printing capacity up to 3000 m²/h (depending on the print size)
  • Print size up to 2000 x 3300 mm
  • Substrate thickness up to 10 mm
  • Set-up time <5 minutes per printing station
  • Operational availability > 95%
  • All machine features have been developed especially for printing large formats
High technology for large format multicolour print

Why THIEME 5000 XL?

  • Productivity of up to 3000 m² / hour
  • Most extensive range of possible colors and printing substrates
  • Fully automated line for lower operating cost
  • The lowest printing costs for medium and larger print runs
  • Short make ready times [< 5 min per color station]
  • Low Depreciation
  • Thieme quality „Made in Germany“


  • Modular design, can be expanded to include up to 6 print works
  • Substrate transported by a continuous gripper system
  • UV-Scan intermediate dryer for perfect ink curing
  • Automatic sheet positioning
  • High precision and speed through servo driven system
  • Printing parameters can be stored for recurring print jobs
  • Outstanding printing results thanks to the reinforced aluminum printing table and the new THIEME-XL squeegee unit
  • Loading / Unloading by pallets
  • Can also be used as a ¾ - automatic system
  • Robust machine design and build quality


Technical data

Type of machine 5060 XL 5070 XL 5080 XL 5085 XL 5090 XL 5095 XL 5000 XXL
Print size [mm] 1600x2100 1600x2600 1600x3050 1600x3300 2000x3050 2000x3300 2600x3700
Sheet size max. [mm] 1660x2160 1660x2660 1660x3110 1660x3360 2060x3110 2060x3360 2660x3760
Frame size [mm] 2400x2900 2400x3400 2400x3850 2400x4100 2800x3850 2800x4100 3400x4500
Number of printing stations 1-6
Range of substrate thickness [mm] 0,1-6
Range of substrate weight [g/m²] 120-3000
Print speed on request.
All technical information are not binding and subject to change.
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