Fully automatic screen printing system with rotary grippers. Precision built, short set-up times. Absolute reliability for multi-shift operation. High precision and speed through servo drive motors.

  • Precision built
  • Maximum volume output, also for different formats and materials
  • Short set-up times
  • High precision and speed through servo driving force
  • Machine job data storage memory
  • Complete machine programmabiltiy
3/4-automatic screen printing system with rotary grippers

Why THIEME 5000?

  • Fully automatic with manual loading opportunity
  • High flexibility of the substrates from 0.1 to 6 mm
  • Short setup times by tool-free setting
  • Fast Investment amortization due to low staffing
  • Highest Productivity
  • Absolute reliability in multi-shift operation
  • Thieme-Quality „Made in Germany“


  • Material handling by circulating gripper system
  • Automatic sheet positioning
  • Precision and speed through servo drive technology
  • Printing parameters stored for recurring print jobs
  • Exceptional print results from THIEME designed table and original THIEME Squeegee Unit
  • Loading / unloading on pallets
  • Durable machine concept, usable as a ¾ auto- machine
  • Individual selection of a machine options based on customer requirements
  • Extensive Feeder options (single sheet, scale, leading / trailing edge)


Technical data

Type of machine 5020 5030 5040 5050 5060 5070
Print size [mm] 750x1050 1000x1400 1200x1600 1400x1800 1550x2100 1600x2600
Frame size [mm] 1200x1400 1450x1750 1700x2000 1900x2200 2055x2500 2200x3200
Table-External dimensions [mm] 869x1214 1098x1564 1288x1814 1479x2014 1669x2314 1779x2814
Vacuum field size [mm] 780x1080 1020x1440 1220x1640 1420x1840 1580x2140 1640x2640
Sheet size max. [mm] 800x1100 1050x1450 1250x1650 1450x1850 1600x2150 1660x2660
Screen fine tuning X-X-Y [mm] +/- 5
Squeegee speed [m/sec] 0,3-1,5
Range of substrate thickness [mm] 0,1-6
Weight of printing material [g/m²] 120-3000
Gripper frame approx. 8
Circuit connection [kW] 8,4
Power supply [V] 230/60, 400/50
Print speed on request.
All technical information are not binding and subject to change.
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