Screen Printing Series



Semi-automatic, shuttle table screen printing machine for flexible and rigid substrates

  • Better print quality through absolutely steady and vibration-free screen, even when printing large sizes
  • Increased repeatability as the screen frame remains positively locked into position
  • Enhancements to "dry-in" problems due to low print head movement resulting in less air swirl
  • Faster print speed with enhanced dwell settings and print head programming
  • Equipped with the patented THIEME squeegee unit and other various features which considerably reduce set-up times

Why THIEME 1000?

  • Print sizes up to 1550 x 2600 mm
  • High flexibility and repeatability
  • Short set-up times
  • Thieme quality „Made in Germany“
  • Can be used to print almost all materials
  • Customized machines available to meet your requirements


  • User friendly operation
  • SPC control system: easy to access and comfortable to operate
  • Proven THIEME squeegee Unit
  • Print stroke infinitely adjustable via analog switches
  • Pneumatic frame clamping
  • Economical start in the Thieme technology


Technical data

Type of machine 1010 1020 1030 1040 1050 1060
Print size [mm] 550x750 750x1050 1000x1400 1200x1600 1400x1800 1550x2100
Frame size max. [mm] 1000x1100 1200x1400 1450x1750 1700x2000 1900x2200 2050x2500
External dimensions L x W [mm] 2225x1732 2625x2032 3125x2382 3575x2632 3975x2832 4275x3132
Weight [kg] 1200 1300 1450 1550 1560 1750
Sheet size max. [mm] 580x780 780x1080 1030x1420 1230x1670 1430x1870 1580x2170
Screen fine tuning X-X-Y [mm] +/- 5
Squeegee speed  [m/sec] 0,2-1,4
Max. range of substrate thickness [mm] 50
Circuit connection [kW] 2,8
Power supply [V] 400/230
Consumption [A/V] 4/400 , 7/230
Print speed on request.
All technical information are not binding and subject to change.
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